Used Cooking Oil Pickups

We provide pickups of used cooking oil from restaurants and cafes.

All our collections are FREE

There are 3 options available depending on the volume of oil used at your shop.

Option 1

For smaller amounts we pick up the 20L drums that have had used cooking oil poured back into them.

Option 2

For shops where returning to 20L drums and storing them onsite is unrealistic, then we provide 2 solutions, either a holding drum or a vacuum tank which is designed to remove the oil directly from the deep fryer once the oil has cooled to 100 degrees celsius or lower.

Option 3

For shops requiring safe and easy moveability, we offer a tip-in tank to store your used oil until collection.

See below for information on our FREE used cooking oil storage solutions.

Oil Caddy

150 L (44 gallon)

Drum with Locking Lid

200 L (44 gallon)

Tip-in tank for waste cooking oil

Tip-In Tank

320 L (70 gallon) or

450 L (99 gallon)

These are both available FREE of charge when you deal with VR exclusively for your free used cooking oil pickups.

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